Who are the Best Champions for LOL Elo Boosting?

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Different fans of League of Legends have different favorite champions.  When boosting, you need to carry a champion who will get you to the top fast. These top plane champions have good win rates and picking them for boosting achieves results faster. Who are these top popular champions for boosters?


She is the most favorite of LOL champions. She is able to carry a game alone with her passive skills which give her unique ability to jump on enemies over and over making pentakills.  She is good for roaming which makes her very useful in the lane phase. However, she is hard to muster and the player has to think quickly and move fast.


Fizz has huge single-target damage and possesses non-target mechanics. He uses Chum the Waters which is a long-range slow weapon that nevertheless has a very long range and causes huge damage. Squishes find it hard to escape Fizz when he is using Sea stone Trident and Ignite.


Fiora is a favorite with new players for her straight gameplay and mechanics. She is very good for snowballing as she has good single-target damage. Enemy squishies also find it hard to escape her two dashes.


Riven has amazing mechanics making her one of the most popular champions for boosters.  If you are good at micro control, Riven can easily win in 1v2 fights. These amazing mechanics however mean that she is hard to muster. Her skillcap is also high. She is a favorite with the more experienced players but less experienced players can also use her by using abilities, auto-attacking enemies after using abilities, and staying hidden in team fights.


This is an assassin with great push potential and strong burst. He is very deployable in the lane phase when roaming.


Pantheon has great global range ultimate and straight mechanics which are good for dominating of the map.


This champion is a universal bruiser who can cause massive havoc in a very short time. He is best played aggressively which means he is more favored by experienced players. He has huge single target DPS. He gets lane sustain from Hiten style, while Equilibrium Strike provides him with transcendent blades.


Jax snowballs hard which some fans think is more than needed. This late game monster has good scaling abilities which give him amazing comeback abilities. He can be back in the game even after being squished hard. He will need only 2 or 3 kills to be back. He can come from behind especially when one uses Blade of Ruined King.

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